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Prsentations are used throughout the course of college. Instrusctors at Hartnell College are introducing and requiring students to present with Prezi. I suppose presentations are evolving to Prezi instead of Power Point. Prezi seems exciting and new. Prezi seems slightly complicated for now, because it is new to myself. I am excited to learn this new tool for presentations.
_Here is an article that gives an outlook on personal networking and business networking.

I don't use twitter, but I do have a face book. I was unsure about face book at first and realized I liked it. It was hard work learning how to use face book. Exploring face book was interesting and eventually with so many hours put into it eventually it came easy. I connect with family and friends I would have never seen, which most I haven't seen in at least ten years. I usually go on face book once a week. My brother can't go a week without face book.

I here about Twitter mostly from talk shows and celebrities. I am not interested in twitter and do not wish to follow people on line. I feel that I have other things in mind to do.  Maybe one day I will tweet.
     Poetry expresses feelings and thought. I do not write poems. This poem I posted sounds sweet and I would never of thought of combining a winter morning with these sweet words.
_Winter Morning Poem

Winter is the king of showmen
Turning tree stumps into snow men
And houses into birthday cakes
And spreading sugar over lakes
This is where I am going to be posting research about symptoms, causes, and cures of heart disease.

I have read this article about Heart Disease. I found out information that I had no knowledge of. Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure does run in my family. This just gives me a general outlook of heart disease.
Here is a video to give you some idea of what I will be making for dinner tonight. I like to cook at home and eat out, which just depends on my mood for the day or how busy my day is going. I have been cooking for many years for myself and my family. I like to look at you tube or the Food Network to gain ideas for cooking.  I feel in cooking there are always new ideas out there that I can still learn. In this particular video, the last ingredient the chef  mixes in the fajitas, while there are sataying caught my eye. I will use this oil/vinegret mixture for the chicken fajitas for dinner tonight.
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